SportsWare Online (SWOL) & Forms

SportsWare Online (SWOL) & Forms

The Rivier University Athletic Trainers provide the best medical care feasible to our student athletes. The comfort and quality of care to the student athlete is essential. This care includes proper rehab, evaluation, and treatment of the student-athletes’ condition, as well as the prevention of his/her injuries. 

The Rivier Athletic Training staff consists of two Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s), two Family Practice physicians, several Orthopedic physicians and one Registered Nurse.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Certified Athletic Trainers:

Our Athletic Training staff provides daily Athletic Training room coverage to our NCAA Division III student-athletes, as well as on-site medical coverage for practices and competitions.

Our Certified Athletic Trainers are nationally certified under the National Athletic Trainer's Association Board of Certification. The roles of our Certified Athletic Trainers are to prevent athletic injuries; to recognize, evaluate, and to treat and rehabilitate.  Our ATCs stay updated with health care administration and procedures.

Our Athletic Trainers at Rivier University work closely with physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons from around the Nashua. N.H. area  to ensure that each student-athlete receives the appropriate care. The athletic trainers also can refer student-athletes to general practitioners if an athlete is ill.

All students must download and fill out the information below prior to participation in any inter-collegiate athletics or activity at Rivier University. 

Athletic Training Forms:

1st year athletes and transfers need proof of a physical and it cannot be older than 6 months from the start of their season.  Please use either the one on our website or from your Dr.’s office.  The form needs to be signed and dates by your physician.

All Student-Athletes must read the following documents:

Concussion Management Plan

Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

Pre-Participation Physical Exam Form

Dehydration Information

Caffeine Knowledge 

SWOL Forms:

The athletic training staff uses a website for all paperwork called SWOL (SportsWare Online)  Returning Athletes are familiar with SWOL but it has been updated so that now all our paperwork is electronic, with the exception of the physical. Please complete all three tabs once you have successfully logged into the system.  If you have sent in paperwork this summer, unfortunately it will all have to be redone. 

If you are a returner: SWOL displays a message that the address already exists and to use the Get Password button to retrieve your password.

  • If you are an incoming freshman or transfer: you need to click on the “join sportsware online” button, you are then added to a waiting list and a message is displayed that the athlete request is being reviewed – The Athletic Training Staff will check the requests several times a day so you are approved as quickly as possible. Once approved you will receive an email saying your request has been approved.  You will then use the Get Password button to receive a password and begin adding your information.
  • All returners and new athletes once you have your password will need to log on to the website by inputing your name, Rivier email, and the school ID.  You can obtain the ID by contacting both Head Athletic Trainer Keith Rupp and Associate Head Athletic Trainer Danielle Miller. If you don’t use the correct code we won’t get your information and you’ll have to redo everything.

Please be aware password resets and any requests to join SportsWare Online may take up to 24 hours before you receive an email confirmation.

If you have questions please email both Head Athletic Trainer Keith Rupp ( and Associate Head Athletic Trainer Danielle Miller (   


Please return all information and completed forms to:

Keith Rupp
Head Athletic Trainer
Rivier University
420 South Main Street
Nashua, N.H. 03060
Phone: (603) 897-8616/Email:
Fax: (603) 386-6424


Danielle Miller
Associate Head Athletic Trainer
Rivier University
420 South Main Street
Nashua, N.H. 03060
Phone: (603) 897-8617/Email:
Fax: (603) 386-6424