Men's Soccer "Raid" Youth Soccer Practice

Men's Soccer "Raid" Youth Soccer Practice

On September 14th a Nashua based youth soccer club called International Soccer Club "Eagles", were surprised to show up to their 5:30 training session to see 21 collegiate soccer players suited up and ready to train with them.  

A "Raid" is a playful term the Men's Soccer Program uses to describe a spontaneous event where the Men's Soccer Program leads a youth soccer practice. This is collective effort between the youth club and the Men's Soccer Program intended to motivate and inspire the youth through a spontaneous and exciting event. In this case it was a regularly scheduled training session, unbeknownst to the youngsters. 

Rivier University believes in serving its community through various events, initiatives and activities. "This is the first of this school year and we look forward to doing more with International and other youth soccer organizations in the area." says coach Barbosa. 

"I think it's great!", says Josephine Frioni, one of the club Managers.  "They really enjoy interacting with the Rivier players and having the opportunity to play alongside them in a friendly yet competitive scrimmage.  My son said, "it was the best practice ever!"  Our parents hear about it for days afterwards!"

The training session consisted of three activities.  The number game; where the entire group is mixed up into two teams and played 1v1, 2v2, 3v3's and uneven situations.  The second game was an 11v11 full field match.  The third was a penalty kick shootout against the college Goalkeepers.  

Coach Barbosa and his program members value giving back to the community and believe that it lends to being a prideful and humble student-athlete.  "Many of our program members are local, so they already have a sense of local pride.  However, for those that come from out of state or region, this kind of opportunity gives them a chance to engage with Nashua's community members in a way that is exciting and mutually beneficial.  I also believe it promotes a sense of partnership between program members and the community in which they're now a part of."

River Sutton, a 6'4" freshmen Goalkeeper from Lee Williams High School in Kingman, Arizona states.  "Being staunchly Catholic, and especially so far away from home, I found this opportunity to give back to our community in the form of volunteering with International Soccer Club to be a wonderful way to present Rivier University in an accurate manner. Working with the kids of International allowed me to contribute significantly not only to the passions and drive of these talented soccer players, but also contributed significantly to our overall goal as a team.  This kind of event has allowed me to connect with my new environment, making the transition seamless and comforting"